Our Committees

Committees, Task Forces & Sector Groups

All members are encouraged to participate in our committees. Committees are established to ensure the organization is able to effectively operate and the Directors & Chairs are elected to their position. Task Force and Sector Group Chairs are appointed.

Membership and Bylaws

The Memberships and Bylaws Committee is responsible for assuring the validity and integrity of IAAR bylaws. This includes proposing changes to the bylaws and submitting bylaw changes to the members for their vote.

The committee is also responsible for promoting membership to eligible organizations. When new members apply it is their responsibility to review the application and submit the application to the members for their vote. When new members are accepted, the Membership and Bylaws Committee will then work with them to ensure they are onboarded successfully.

If you are interested in becoming a new member or have any questions regarding the current bylaws of IAAR, please contact the Director & Chair.


E-mail: tharris@mcnacert.com  |  Phone: 713-906-0655


The Communications Committee is responsible for developing and executing communications with the members and other external parties on matters of interest to the Association as appropriate. Most recent projects include the development of the new website and communications policy. For more information, please contact the Director & Chair of the communications committee.


E-mail: Lisa.Brandon@dqsus.com Phone: 919-949-9565


The Programs Committee’s main responsibility is to work with industry leaders and our members to coordinate and secure speakers to address the members at annual meetings. If you would like to speak at one of our upcoming meetings or are interested in a topic and would like the committee to secure a speaker please reach out to the Director & Chair.


E-mail: achapman@nqa-usa.com  |  Phone: 978-635-9256

Current Task Forces

All members are required to sit on a minimum of one active task force. Task forces are reviewed every three years to ensure they continue to be aligned with the strategic goals of our association. Each has a Chairs and Vice-Chairs that are appointed by the board. Each has a Chair and Vice-Chair that are appointed by the board. The Chair serves on IAAR Board of Directors for the length of their appointment.

Advocacy for Third Party Certification

The advocacy task force is in place with the objective to ensure our industry is continuing to provide value at the highest levels. They work to ensure IAAR has a strong voice within key industry groups and provide resources to clients, and potential clients that demonstrate where third party accredited certification can add value to their organizations and supply chains.

Sector Groups

To ensure we are able to meet the needs of members operating within specialized industry sectors we have developed sector groups. These groups meet regularly to share information and work with scheme owners to provide feedback.

Food Group

IAAR has a strong food team that meets regularly to discuss industry related items impacting food related standards and third party certification. This includes ISO 22000, ISO/TS 22003, SQFI, BRCGS, IFS, FSSC2200, GLOBALG.A.P, and FSMA.

The group discusses upcoming regulatory and certification programm owner changes that may impact the industry as a whole and is able to work together to ensure that certification bodies as well as their clients have a unified voice to ensure the industry continues to implement value added changes.

The current Food Group Lead is Martin Fowell of Mérieux NutriSciences Certification LLC. For more information regarding this group, he can be contacted at martin.fowell@mxns.com