What Does It Take to Be an IAAR Apprentice?

Applicants will meet the following minimum qualifications. These qualifications are directly related to job performance:

Persons must not be less than 18 years of age

a post-secondary degree or equivalent from an education institution is required

applicants must be physically capable of performing the essential functions of the apprenticeship program

applicants must pass each section of the competency-based test during the program

one year of work experience and participation in a formal interview is required.

The Training

IAAR’s certification bodies (CBs) will train the apprentice(s) in the competency requirements. Depending on apprentice’s experience and training, this is expected to take 1-2 years. Apprentices may “test out” of training and only complete training they need.

90% of training is done by CBs on the job, using the CB’s preferred methods, materials and internal trainers. CBs must verify and track when the required IAP competencies are met, and adjust the apprentice’s payment accordingly.

10% of training will be done via an IAAR IAP selected educational institution. This is expected to be fully on-line training classes provided by the University of California at San Diego. The CB will pay for the training. Additional training can be provided for either apprentices or any CB auditor or other personnel, for additional cost paid by the CB.

Apprentices follow the procedure and requirements of the CB as an employee.