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Why Certify My Business?
The Benefits and Value of Certified Management Systems

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Adopting the right management system for your business creates a powerful tool for improving your business and positioning your company for future success. For an organization to thrive, and not just survive, in today's globalized, competitive and challenging environment, improving operational quality, effectiveness and efficiency distinguishes winners from the rest of the pack.

Management systems tools have a positive impact on a company's performance and bottom line. When implemented and applied, registered and certified management systems improve profitability, quality, service, client loyalty, brand reputation and much more. Certified management systems help to ensure sustained business performance through those inevitable company changes from consolidation or reorganization to mergers and acquisitions.

A recent study showed companies which adopted ISO 9000 based management systems "gain a competitive advantage." Indeed, "publicly traded… firms in the United States experience significant . . . improvements in financial performance." *

To learn more about the benefits enjoyed from accredited management registration and systems certification, please contact IAAR.
* "The Financial Impact of ISO 9000 Certification in the United States: An Empirical Analysis"
MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, Vol. 51, No. 7, July 2005, pp. 1046-1059.

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Did You Know?

In our latest survey, 86% of companies claimed a Return on Investment (ROI) from their quality management program. Twenty-six percent claimed an ROI of 10% or greater.

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