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Benefits of Accredited Registration/Systems Certification

IAAR Membership

A company using a registrar/systems certification body (CB) accredited by a recognized accrediting body can be assured of the systems CB/registrar's ability.  Accreditation represents an independent assessment of the systems CB/registrar's credibility and competence to perform management system registration/certification.

In addition, customers of a company registered by an accredited systems CB/registrar gain assurance that the company's registration/systems certification is based on consistent conformance with internationally accepted practices and procedures. Accreditation body oversight is so important that many registered/certified companies display not only the systems CB/registrar's certification mark, but also the accrediting body's mark on certificates and communications to customers. Accreditation bodies also act as conflict resolution bodies as required.

Recognized accreditation bodies are listed on the International Accreditation Forum's website at  Accredited systems CBs/registrars are listed by their accreditation bodies on their websites.  For example, the United States' ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) lists all of its accredited registrars/systems CBs on its website at

Many companies choose an IAAR member for management system registration/certification with the knowledge that all IAAR members are properly accredited and that the association promotes the integrity and consistency of the registration/systems certification process among its members. The IAAR also uses its partnership with accreditation bodies to promote the continual improvement of the systems certification/registration process. The IAAR Membership Directory lists the contact information for all of our member registrars/systems CBs.



Now Available!

The IAAR is proud to announce the availability of its Directory of Registered Companies. You can conduct free searches for companies that have been certified by Accredited Registrars to global standards like ISO 9001, AS9100, HACCP, TL 9000 and many more. Searches can be conducted on Company Name, Certificate Number, by Geography, by Standard and even by Scope. It's a great way to verify a company's certification and to find certified companies to work with. Click here to visit the IAAR Directory of Registered Companies.