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IAAR Code of Practice

Milton M. Bush
IAAR Executive Director

1600 North Oak Street
#1710 Arlington, VA 22209
phone: 703-528-2737
fax: 703-533-1612



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IAAR Officers/Directors/Committees Directory
Title Name Company Term End
President Richelle Kinzie ASR 04/15
Vice President Pete Kucan PRI 04/15
Secretary/Treasurer Gary Bogan LRQA 04/15
Director & Chair,
Communications Committee
Penny Ouellette Orion 04/15       
Director & Chair,
Membership and Bylaws Committee
Tom Harris MCNA 04/15       
Director & Chair,
Programs Committee
Arlen Chapman NQA  04/15       
* At-Large Directors    

Chuck Russo
Skip Greenaway

QMI-SAI Global
     Mine Sr. Executives Alex Weisselberg 
Jeanette Preston 

Term ends when the task force completes its work program in accordance with the IAAR bylaws and strategic plan.