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What is the purpose of the IAAR?

IAAR Code of Practice

The overall purpose of the IAAR is to encourage and facilitate consistent management system registration/certification, mainly by promoting the use of accredited registrars/systems certification bodies (CBs). The association also achieves this objective by facilitating communication and professional practices among its members, and by educating companies and other organizations about the accredited registration/systems certification process.

The integrity and credibility of the management system registration/certification process is enhanced when registrars/systems CBs are accredited by qualified accrediting bodies to perform assessments to internationally or nationally recognized management system standards. All IAAR members are accredited to provide registration/systems certification services in compliance with ISO/IEC 17021 --the International Organization for Standardization and standard for registration/systems certification organizations.



Promoting Integrity

In addition to stressing registrar/systems certification body accreditation, the IAAR also promotes the integrity of the management system registration process through member participation in a group forum for purposes of communication and consensus and by encouraging members to follow appropriate codes of professional practice.